Live blinkin telly!


The new series of winter sun kicked off last week where you’ll find me house hunting in Barbados, Saint Lucia, Malta and Spain but to name a few of the glorious locations I had the pleasure of visiting.

To talk about the new series, and my dog, (and my Granny pants of course!?), I was on the panel of the Wright Stuff yesterday which was my first ever time on live television. It was such a buzz!

To be honest I got really nervous, I’m used to the cameras but usually it’s no problem if you mess up an have to do the take again - but I knew that wouldn't be the case this time! After getting a bit worked up I’m pretty happy to say I didn’t say anything wildly inappropriate, and I managed to watch it back without being completely mortified, so that’s a win! I actually want to do it again as soon as possible, it was really fun and interesting to do something different and feel a little out of my comfort zone.

Ann Dimond was in for Mathew and Richard Fairely the dragon, and coast v county’s Dr David Bill were all on the panel. What a lovely bunch and a great experience! You can get it on my5 catch up.

Right I’m off to pack for my last show of the year in Saint Lucia, be prepared for lots of pics of me floundering in the sunshine! Xx