Dubai - dune buggy bashing


While in Saint Lucia chilling with my mum after a few weeks filming in November I decided that in 2018 I would travel as much as I could and go on as many adventures as humanly possible, while still holding down a job.
January came around pretty quickly and the second the hangover was a foggy memory, I was ready for Dubai.
Usually, when you think of Dubai you automatically think ‘pricey’ but with it being January I managed to bag flights through sky scanner at £320 which I thought was pretty reasonable.
One of my best pals moved out there a few years ago and I’ve been meaning to go ever since. The last time I visited Dubai I was a teenager, and I’ll tell you one thing for free it has changed and grown loads!


The only negative (sort of) of this trip was that it meant absolutely no chance of dry January in 2018.. in fact, it meant a soaking wet start to the year. 
Ruby (my pal who lives out there) was turning thirty and Ruby bloody loves a good party so obviously she had arranged three...
I’ll leave the details of that to your imagination (and mine, well, there were a few blank spots.) But with free accommodation (thanks Rubes!), cheap flights and looking at temperatures of 20-27’c, it would be rude not too!


I’ve written in previous posts that rather than buy close friends and family presents I’d rather get them experiences, memories are much harder to lose than an earring, except those memories made at Ruby’s party.
So for Ruby’s birthday present I got us an afternoon dune buggy bashing


Yep I know, best present ever! Recently the lads on the grand tour gave it a go, they really need me on that show, fresh legs and all that.
I’ve got to be honest this present was a ‘for you for me present.’
We had a good look around as there are LOADS of companies offering these trips into the desert, not just to go dune bashing but also quad biking, safaris, camel rides the whole shebang.
We opted for expert rangers  
A little tip, give the quad biking a miss, every injury we heard of was as a result of that. Dune bashing on the other hand, well it’s not impossible but it’s very difficult to topple them, trust me. They have really wide frames. So it is tough to topple them, but by no means does it feel like you won't. Ruby who has no driving license or experience did her best to send us flying (I was petrified!) and she was quickly put back in the passenger seat, which was very nearly very wet. Yep, we were seconds away from a fear wee!!! Bam bam bammmmmm! Love a close call. 
The service was amazing, I think I worked out at about £80 each. We got picked up in a nice 4x4 from our front door, the driver was lovely and enjoyed our hungover banter. The drive which was about an hour and a half was actually quite pleasurable, we were comfy. Personally, I enjoyed seeing the landscape and we spotted a few camels.


When we arrived the safety briefing was minimal, my kind of safety briefing!
We got buckled up and told to follow along, which of course I didn’t. They pulled us over pretty quickly and told us to rein it in, while also asking what kind of experience I had driving, yeh they spotted my drifting skills.
So we go back on track and hung back from the group so the back up truck took us on a different, faster and much more fun route. Actually it wasn’t even a route I think they just rallied around, we followed and it was amazing. I had the time of my life. I can’t recommend them as a company enough. If you like good service, speed and going off the beaten track this is for you.


For me a Dubai is intense, and not somewhere I’d hurry back too if I didn’t have a best pal out there. When I get the opportunity to escape London life I prefer a much more rough, ready and quiet feel. Which Dubai definitely is not, we did have an absolute blast though and if it is your thing and you’ve got a trip planned get yourself out dune bashing you won’t regret it! #collectmemoriesnotthings
Yep cheesy hashtag, whatever x