City break: Budapest

City break: Budapest


Last year I said I’d do my best to collect memories and not things. Its a way of living and something I plan on keeping for life.

In September my baby sis turned 20. Rather than buying her something she’d typically loose or break I thought I’d double up her birthday pressie with Christmas and take her on a weekend away. With ten years between us in age, we haven’t ever had the opportunity to go away together before, so it was really special treat.

It was a toss-up between Barcelona and Budapest. Although I travel lots with work I rarely get the opportunity to book something myself, however, I do often fantasise over the deals that they have in the voyage Privé app.

Usually they have 4 or 5 star hotels and experiences with discounts of up to 80%, definitely worth checking out!


They had a deal for the Corinthia in Budapest, SO, Budapest it was! You can book the flights through the app too but I found cheaper flights myself online.

When we arrived we checked in to the Corinthia and they kindly upgraded us to a suite which was genuinely as big as my London Flat. We felt totally spoilt!


After we spent a while jumping on the massive bed we headed out to the famous ruin bars with an old friend of mine who lives out there. Now I’m going to be honest I can’t give you any tips on the best ones because we went to them all and it’s a bit of a blur! The next day we made full use of the beautiful spa, mainly because our hangover wouldn’t allow us to get much further.

On our final day we visited all the usual touristy go to spots which was fun despite the weather!

On the whole, our weekend in Budapest let me experience my sister drunk for the first time (she was hilarious), taught me that we not only are hand twins but we are also exactly the same on a hangover: bed, movies, pizza, cuddles, and strictly no talking! Oh, and that the voyage Privé app is brilliant for weekend break deals in nice hotels!


I promise next time I blog a weekend away there be less alcohol and I’ll be much more informative xx

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