Just a 10k...!

Just a 10k...!

SO! I’m running the British 10k for The Mayhew Animal Home on the 9th of July and I’m really looking forward it. I’ve never done a marathon or even a half marathon, but hope to next year. This is my starting point. 

Someone said to me recently ‘just 10k?!’ Yep just 10k. I injured my back last year and I’ve been struggling to get into a regular routine with exercise ever since. I’m finally (touch wood) strong and almost back too normal, however after a year of taking it easy my fitness is not what it used to be! 

I’ve chosen to run for The Mayhew because animal welfare is extremely important to me. I first met the team there four years ago when I decided I’d get a new dog after my old dog Bobo, rest her wee soul, passed away.

Over the years I’ve got know some of the team and the dogs from the mayhew and they are all wonderful.

Not only do they take dogs and cats to the shelter to rehome them, they work with the public, the police and the RSPCA to promote animal welfare, making checks where there may be concern and providing micro chipping.

They also have the therapaws programe which sees dogs visiting elderly people, promoting emotional and physical well-being, doing something like this is so valuable to the elderly and you can only imagine how much happiness it brings them!

They also work with homeless people helping with vet care, micro chipping and so much more, including a pet refuge scheme for anyone in a difficult situation that needs someone to look after their dog for a period of time. 

These are just some of the things that the mayhew do, they really are so much more than an animal home, so I would be delighted if you could help me support them and the wonderful things that they do by sponsoring me for the British 10k - here.

I'll be attending their event; Hounds on the Heath, at Hamstead heath on the 16th July. Check out the event if you’re thinking about adopting, or even if you just fancy a fun day out with your pooch!

I'm fairly determined to not come last and I've been making so progress with my flat mate Lou and little kinky! If you want to keep up with the journey and my training follow me on twitter @Dannimenzies

I'm a runner!

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