On Camera - Florida

Having to dress like it's summer when it's not all that warm at home can be a challenge! However, I had a fluke while we were shooting in Florida. 

I usually go for bright colours while filming in the sunshine as it looks better on camera, but on this occasion I had to make a concession! Kyra from Kyra loves in Parsons Green stocks holiday/beach wear all year round and has saved me on numerous occasions when finding summer dresses anywhere else has been impossible! She's also got fabulous taste and guides me when I can't make a decision.

Before seeing this, I had never thought of wearing a kaftan on the show, not to mention a sheer one! But Kyra suggested layering it with a slip underneath, making it workable and bringing another dimension to the outfit. 

The shoes are from office and the bracelets from my wonderful friend Bels from Stella and dot. She has the most impeccable taste and has always been on hand to advise me when I'm a little unsure. 

It actually got a bit chilly, so I was so grateful my leather jacket worked with this outfit! It was also a bloody bargain originally priced at Β£380, I picked it up for Β£60 in Tkmaxx in Putney! 

It's tricky having to be your own stylist when you know a lot of people at home will be watching and judging, so I couldn't be more grateful to have he likes of Kyra and Bels to keep me straight. Xx