My One Day - Costa Rica

When we were filming in Costa Rica it was the first time I felt it. That urge of ooooo I want to do something wild! Going through a break up can do that. When we stepped of the plane one of the first things I saw was an ad for a tree top canopy tour. A day later we saw the poster again and I announced to the crew I was going to do it on my day off. I kept to myself how petrified I was of heights. I Never liked flying and still don't, pretty funny given my job. 

When I was 14 my mum, dad and brother, who at the time was aged 10, all went paragliding in turkey. My brother did it twice in fact! I stood at the bottom with my baby sister and filmed them coming down, no way would you ever catch me doing that, crazy bastards. 

I did the same when they went on the london eye, just stood at the bottom and watched for 50 minutes in the cold. So you get me. I don't do heights.

But this time, Feeling 'wild', I thought 'yeh I'll give this zip wire thing a go!'

When it came to the end of the filming week I brought it up again, thinking (hoping!) that for some reason or another it wouldn't happen. The team were all up for giving it a go. Even the contributors on the show (who said YES to their move!) said 'f*#k it, let's do it!' Which was awesome. 

We arrived at this shed by the side of the road in the jungle, and signed our lives away. Jumping in the back of their truck we headed in to the jungle. Even the drive up the mountain was breath taking. When we got to the top, the boys harnessed us up and gave us a safety talk, none of which I heard. The adrenaline was already pumping through me, my knees were shaking and body trembling. I get why people get addicted to extreme sports, the buzz is unreal. 

Before anyone else had a chance I pushed to the front and volunteered to go first, I knew if I didn't go first I would never do it. This is what it looked like....

By the time We got to the starting point of the 3rd zip wire, the guy asked if I wanted to trying going up side down, and yes I bloody did, for like a millisecond! Sadly no photographic evidence, but I swear it happened. There were witnesses!

When the zip wire course is complete you’re given water, watermelon and pineapple on the mountain edge with the most incredible view. Then whoever fancied it could try the tarzan swing. This was the scariest part, I actually got stuck holding on to the pillar on the landing before one of the guys peeled me off it and pushed me, I would share the video but there is SO much swearing this pic will have to do. I’ll admit, my eyes were shut for most of this, so I plan on trying to do this again somewhere on my travels! 

For the second I did open my eyes, the view was incredible, the feeling of swinging above this huge valley and being able to see out to sea is so hard to put into words, try it and you’ll see what I mean!

This experience really was incredible, I felt as safe as possible, and the guys happen to be very strong and good-looking which was an added bonus! When we drove down the mountain in the back of that truck, looking out over the jungle and to the sea while the sun was setting, I felt quite emotional. I was jabbering away about how I was going to take on the world. Everyone thought I was totally loopy, but I genuinely felt like I could do anything, I felt liberated. 

They say you should do something that scares you every day and I think I might try, conquering my fear on some level gave me the most empowering, uplifting feeling, the experience was so much more than I’d ever expected and I highly recommend you try it, or something that you're scared of.