My One Day - Almeria, Spain

If you watch the show you'll know that Spain is somewhere we visit on a pretty regular basis! 

I never blogged any of my trips last year as I was still new to the job, any down time I had I was trying to prepare my self for what was next! 

This year, I'm on my first trip and filming back where my 'A place in the sun' journey started: The Almeria region. I had a full day to enjoy myself and appreciate what Spain has to offer. Although I've spent a lot of time in Spain, I've never taken the time to explore and appreciate the scenery. So on my one day I wanted to do just that. It was a 'feed the soul' kind of day (which by the way I've just had done as a tattoo to keep reminding myself!)

As much as I fancied a good hike, after Spending the week in the van and filming I didn't really want to spend hours getting into the mountains because honestly I wanted to even out my dodgy tan lines and get some exercise in! The team and I drove ten minutes from where we were staying to the end of the Mojacar playa and just started walking.

At the very end of the beach there is a lovely path up the hill to this view point where we managed to see the coast from a different angel. It was really beautiful and although not the most challenging exercise was exactly what I needed.

After our walk a few of us drove in the other direction, east along the coast. The roads along the coast are so nice to drive, the people we passed on motor and push bikes had the right idea, getting some kind of bike and doing the coast line is something I'd definitely like to come back and do. There are little lay-bys every mile or so, and so many beautiful litttle beaches and coves to explore. We pulled in to one and had the beach to our selves. 

We clambered around the rocks, caught some rays and did a bit of jumping from the low down cliffs and rocks. It was such a fun day, and I'd highly recommend to anyone who is out that way on holiday to get off the beaten track, steer away from the main beaches and see what you can find. It truly was stunning, and ever so peaceful.

Go on...Get out there and Feed the Soul xx